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How to Fix 404 Page or Page Not Found Error Messages

How to Fix 404 Page or Page Not Found Error Messages

A 404 page error when navigating to an elementor page, or a ‘Page Not Found’ error is primarily caused by a memory issue or permalinks.

Follow these steps:

  • Check if you can solve this by changing the permalinks in “Settings > Permalinks” on your WordPress Dashboard. You should set it to “Plain” to troubleshoot, if this is selected click save anyway to refresh.
  • If it does not work, check your memory limit in your system info in “Elementor > System Info” and ask your hosting company to raise it to, at least, 128MB by using this guide: https://wordpress.org/support/article/editing-wp-config-php/#increasing-memory-allocated-to-php
  • Switch the front-end editor loader method located in the settings of Elementor on your Dashboard via “Elementor” > “Settings” >”Advanced”.
  • Ask also your hosting company to deactivate ModSecurity temporarily to rule out an issue with a rule set via this firewall. If it is the issue, checking the ModSecurity logs will help your hosting company to solve this.
  • Your host may need to enable zlib.output_compression module which can compress the data and may help with the loading of the editor when servers have limited resources.
  • Finally, you can also deactivate all your plugins besides Elementor and Elementor Pro, and switch to a default WordPress theme such as Twenty Nineteen to troubleshoot. 

If you receive this error message when you try to save a page, please consult this guide.

If you get this error message after activating Elementor Pro, please read this article.

If you still experience this issue after trying the potential solutions mentioned above, please open a support ticket.

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